Awesome Aeroponics


Build Your Own Aeroponics Garden!!

Exclusive to Awesome Is What We Totally Are - Now you can build one of the Awesome Is What We Totally Are Aeroponics gardens for yourself.

>> Follow the step-by-step instructions here.<<


Thank you to those of you who attended our Awesome Aeroponics class at workshop weekend. It was great fun. Please let us know how your gardens are growing!

Add this much nutrients per 2 gallons:
Nutrient type Volume (mL)
FloraGro 25
FloraMicro 15
FloraBloom 5

We use nutrients like these from General Hydroponics.

This is a video of one of our systems showing how heat can effect the plants over the course of the day.

Urban Farming: Hydroponics in the City

Soil-less sky farming: rooftop hydroponics on NYC restaurant

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