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We teach classes on hydroponics and aeroponics and love to talk to other enthusiasts.


We are particularly interested in:

  • Research on aeroponic foggers
  • Solar powered systems
  • Inexpensive materials for aeroponics systems
  • Sensors and monitoring
  • Leading technologies in gardening
  • Any awesome projects!



10 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Haven Putnam

    Hi: Tribe Awsome
    I have been working on similar systems ( ) but using reclaimed bath & laundry water , currently reclaiming 1000 to 1500 gallons per week . Could use some help on managing arduino controled ORP sensors to determine oxygen content of water . ( Removing oxygen kills bacteria ) that prevents the harmful anaerobic bacteria from growing . That water is then cycled through a 1000 gallon fish tank , nutriments (from catfish ) oxygenated / cycled continuously aquaponic grow-beds !
    Currently working on a bio-reactor that bumps up the nutriment content of the water , also uses daily food waste / worms to create a Worm Beer ! Beer being an acronym for : Bio-diverse . Eco-sensitive , Engineering , Research !
    Setting up a company called Engineered Ecosystems would like to be one of your sponsers !
    Currently retired , my facility is in San Diego Ca
    haven putnam

  2. harry selent

    A couple of questions: 1- can you tell us what timer you use? I think you said it is programmed for 15 seconds on, and 2 minutes off, is that correct? 2- you mentioned “programming a raspberry pi” – do you have code for that? Did you use a “controller” that powered multiple foggers? if so, can each fogger be programmed differently?

  3. Jim Cundiff

    Hello, I am very interested in using your aeroponics to grow some Roma tomatoes this coming year. I tried to set up an account but it said it was not allowed. Can you please help? User name of dadofpetie and at this email address. Thank you.

  4. Andres

    Hi guys. My name is Andres Arenas. I am a mexican guy living in Oslo Norway. I looked at your video and I only needo to tell you that you inspired me to make my own aeroponics system. Could you please let me know what is the name of the fogger so I can loook for it? I dont know if it is too much to ask but if you could please send the equipment list you use so I can replicate. I would make a video for you guys after making my own.

    Thank you and keep up the good work

  5. Daniel Alfaro

    Hello my name is Daniel Alfarl (17) and i am presidnet of the Springbrook High School Green Team and I was just so amazed of the work that you all have done. Our little team isnt doing so well and we will like some inspirational and technical guidence. Please contact me back if you have a chance and keep up the great work!

  6. Wayne


    Can you please supply some more details on the electronic components that you was using to control the timer, solar panel and pump etc and how this has been set up.

    Many thanks


  7. benad dvorachek

    Hey there guys,
    You guys are inspiration to me!
    I have been playing with hydroponics for the last two years and for a long time I was interested and grow aeroponic with strong water pump. Now, after watching your video I have been ordering some parts(Ultrasonic and timer that works by seconds) and planing to build a system as you recommended.
    I don’t want to have that high expectations . Does it really grow to a fruitful plants as beautiful as you show ? Do you have any other videos or picture that I can watch and understand how to avoid mistakes?
    I have been trying to find other people who grow in the same system and mostly I could find comments way you can not have a grown plants this way. obviously must of them missed some crucial information and that is why they have bad experience.
    I read the manual you guys wrote but maybe you have collected some more acknowledge .
    I really hope you can assist me and give me more of your specialist.
    many thanks!
    Benad Dvorachek

  8. Ellis Creel

    First of all, thank you! I found your webpage to be very, very helpful. I ended up designing a bucket not unlike your schematic, and I only have one question.
    I clicked on the link that you provided for the mist-maker sprayer, purchased it, and it was delivered. The problem is that it includes a red LED light that shines when I turn it on. Roots, however, enjoy the dark. Did you silence the LEDs when you constructed your buckets? Did the LEDs not exist in that model? Does it not matter?

    Again, thank you for the well-designed tutorial and the webpage. I have some tips of my own I’d be happy to add, but great job!

    Ellis Creel

  9. Grant Li

    Tribe Awesome,
    I sent an email from my email address but not on the website’s “contact me” page, so I’ll just send another from here just in case. I have used your design with the 5 gallon bucket. My problem is that the water is getting too hot (at least it seems like it). I read online that water temperatures should be around 72 degrees. Also, I don’t have a pulser or anything that will turn the fogger on and off, so now mine just runs constantly. I’ve watched your videos and the pulser looks extremely complicated and hard to make. I’m 14 and I don’t have much knowledge in that kind of stuff at all. Is there any way this problem can still be addressed?
    Grant Li


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