Who We Are

We’re a group of four friends who strive to bring out inner awesomeness.


The team:

Erik Meike, aged 16, an award winning young HW and SW engineer/Maker, designs technologies that increase system efficiency and has branched out to bring his expertise to chlorophyll-based biological systems.
Briana Das, 15, is an aspiring entrepreneur with a passion for the life-sciences. She likes to make and grow things and *ponics have always fascinated her.
Leona Das, 13 years old, is currently flourishing in science, cooking, and gardening.  She also believes that *ponics is the future for horticulture and the hyperlocavoric movement.
Elise Meike, aged 13, avid reader, writer, scientist, and cook, loves helping people find their inner awesomeness.

Our current project:

We started our awesome aeroponic journey at the 2011 Maker Faire, where we prototyped the ‘No-Touch Garden’, a hydroponic system, as Young Makers.  Since then, we’ve done hours and hours of research and exploration into ‘aeroponics’, (which is a method of growing plants in the air using a fogger.) We have now developed a system of how to do it easily that we teach others.  We’ve held classes through a program called Workshop Weekend, where students learn about aeroponics and build a system to take home with them.  We are trying to bring these classes to everyone!

Our goal is to help people find their inner awesomeness and make what matters.


We would love to hear from you!  Tell us about things you’ve made or awesome things you (or other people you know) have done.

team [at] TribeAwesome [dot] com

You can also find us on twitter!  Follow @TribeAwesome for updates on our systems, research, and outreach.