Awesome Spiral Book

This awesome project is great for presenting projects into a stylish and simple format!

1. Collect all the materials. For this project you will need…

  • White or colored paper – for a double spiral you will need four pieces, for a triple spiral: five pieces, and for a quadruple spiral you will need six pieces of paper.
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Compass
  • Decorating materials (stickers, markers, etc.) – optional

2. Find the horizontal center on your paper by folding it in half.  Use a compass to draw a semi-circle on your paper.


3. Decide on a format for your spiral book. You can divide the semi-circles into parts to help organize your content. When you have decided on your format, write your content on the circle. If you don’t know what to write yet, that’s okay! Just leave it blank until inspiration strikes.

4. Tape the semi-circles together. You can do this by aligning the two semi circles as shown in the picture. Then tape the left half together, and the right separated.


5. Once you have taped all the semi-circles together, it is time to connect the circles to make a spiral. Connecting them is a bit tricky so watch the tutorial video as a guide.

Your awesome spiral is now complete!


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