Aeroponic System Maintenance


Every ~4 weeks (at least every time you replace your plants) you should:

  • Replace the water in root chamber
  • Mix in new nutrient
  • Use a dry erase marker to write the date of your water change on the outside of the root chamber
  • Check the fogger disk, it may need cleaning.
  • Check the root chamber, it may need cleaning.


Nutrient Changes

Add this much nutrient per 2 gallons of water:

Nutrient type Volume (mL)
FloraGro 25
FloraMicro 15
FloraBloom 5

We use nutrients like these from General Hydroponics.


First Time Setup

  • Fill the water up to the top of the “Homer” guy’s hat.
  • Add in the nutrients according to the table above.
  • Insert the fogger into the bucket and plug it into the wall.
  • Please put your plants in the foam pieces as shown here:
    Our Aeroponic System

Miscellaneous Guidelines

  • Do not mix the 3 nutrients together (without water) because they precipitate due to the high concentrations!
  • Do not use goopy nutrients like Floranova.  They will gum up the fogger.


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