Aeroponics Outreach – Chapala Gardens

To meet other people working in the world of aeroponics, we looked at other systems that being used on a commercial scale.  During our search, we came across Chapala Gardens, a group of green thumb innovators committed to creating a healthier community through gardening.

Recently, we visited their headquarters in Santa Barbara.  Jake, one of the three partners gave us a tour and showed us the systems they sell.

Chapala Gardens - Towers

Chapala Garden’s rooftop tower garden in Santa Barbara.

Their style of aeroponics with the Tower Garden® is different than the fogponic method we use.  The tower is around eight feet tall, with a wide base that serves as the reservoir.  A pump in the reservoir pushes water to the top of the tower where it drips down on the suspended roots.

This is the reservoir:

Chapala Gardens - Reservoir

This is an empty set of tower blocks:

Chapala Gardens - Empty Tower

This is a different view of an empty tower block that shows the holes that water drips through:


Like our systems, the Tower Garden requires a seedling.  At Chapala Gardens, they grow and sell their own seedlings (pictured below).

Chapala Gardens - Seedlings

To learn more about Chapala Gardens, visit their website at

To learn more about the Tower Garden, visit the Juice Plus+ website at

Chapala Gardens - Jake With Tribe Awesome

2 thoughts on “Aeroponics Outreach – Chapala Gardens

  1. mtstewart1

    looks like a system you can expand! there are videos on how to construct from scratch, those towers for hydroponic use. they need to rotate for light and the reservoir sets the spacing of each unless you use a single drain back reservoir with multiple water and nutrient delivery. keep exploring and innovating! PEACE too you all.



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